1st John 1:5-7 – Lesson 2 – The Announcement

By Mark Gaston / June 5, 2017 /

As we study the second section in the first chapter of 1st John, we see the announcement of the message that the Apostle John wanted to express to the churches.

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1st John 1:1-4 – Lesson 1 – Introduction and Authentication

By Mark Gaston / May 30, 2017 /

In this lesson, learn about the background information surrounding John’s first epistle, as well as the authentication of the epistle from the first chapter verses 1-4.

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Outcomes, Omniscience & the Abraham Dilemma

By Mark Gaston / October 13, 2016 /

A Trillion Outcomes? I have heard it theorized that God doesn’t actually know the future as a settled and determined fact, but rather that God, in His infinite wisdom, knows all of the possible futures that can be brought into…

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Is the Future Predetermined by God?

By Mark Gaston / September 22, 2016 /

Quantum physicist have all but proven that at the quantum level, the smallest particles that make up our universe only come into physical reality when observed by a conscious being, or better put, by a chain of conscious beings leading…

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Is Preaching Repentance from Sin Another Gospel?

By Mark Gaston / June 14, 2016 /

Over the years, I have heard the charge that those who define repentance as “turning from sin” or those who call for evidence of a changed life after a salvation decision, are adding works to salvation.  I have heard some even…

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